Why You Shouldn’t DIY House Wiring Or Retrofits

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Over the last couple of years, people have spent more time at home, which has inspired individuals to enthusiastically roll up their sleeves and carry out renovation jobs. Most of these DIY projects, which include compartmentalizing rooms, are pretty straightforward. However, some tasks which involve electrical work can be complex.

If you’re not well-versed in the electrical field, you would have to spend hours doing background reading to ensure the work conforms to safety best practices and is in accordance with the electrical code.

Therefore, at Stroma Automation Solutions Inc., we believe it’s best to call in a professional if you need electrical work carried out around your home. Not convinced? Please take a few minutes to learn why you shouldn’t DIY house wiring or retrofits.

1. Risk of fatal injury

If you’re not an electrical expert, you should not experiment with wiring as it could cause an electrical shock. Also, if you miss something and circuits are not correctly wired, it could lead to fire or electrical hazards later, causing potential harm to a family member.

2. Potential property damage

If there is faulty wiring, it could damage appliances and furniture, which would be expensive to replace. In addition, calling up an expert electrician to inspect and fix the issue would also cost extra.

Do things right - hire a professional!

We hope you’re now convinced to hire a professional to carry out house wiring or retrofits. It will give you peace of mind as the licensed contractor will provide you with a Certification of Acceptance for the work rendered and address any safety concerns.

By visiting the Electrical Safety Authority website, you can locate a Registered Electrical Contractor in your area, which is essential to ensure the work is done according to regulations.

Once you contact a qualified professional, they will make themselves available for a quotation. The hourly rate would be between 90$ to 105 $ an hour, but it depends on the contractor and the type of work. You may also be able to get a fixed price for the entire project, which would eliminate any surprises later on, as long as you don’t change the requested work.

If you need an electrical contractor to contract out wiring or a retrofit, reach out to us today. At Stroma Automation Solutions Inc., we are experienced electrical contractors in Callander, Ontario, delivering specialized services to the municipal, industrial, and resource sectors. Our solutions include automation software sales, technical assistance, support services, and instrument supplies.

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