PLC and SCADA Based Control System Design & Development

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Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition or (SCADA) can do more than just help operators perform their tasks. It allows an operator to get alarms, trends, reporting, or control. We can upgrade through migration of an existing customer's system or we can build a new system for water or wastewater plants all without downtime.

Transform your operations with the power of real-time monitoring and control. Call us today to discover how our SCADA Control System can revolutionize your business

Design, build, installation and maintenance of PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) and SCADA based control systems

  • Stroma is an integrator for Allan Bradley/Rockwell Automation PLC hardware and software products, and GE Intelligent Platform HMI/SCADA software products including FactoryTalk, Historian and other products.
  • Stroma designs, build, tests (FAT, SAT), installs, and commissions all sizes of control panels.
  • Develops and integrates SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) software applications, and PLC Control.

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