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As a strategic partners with our clients, we invest time to understand their business and project needs. As our clients' industries evolve and change, Stroma works with them to meet the demands of an ever-changing process control, Ministry requirements, instrumentation, industrial automation or their electrical components and equipment.

Stroma Automation Solutions Inc. is an Automation Company that prides itself on customer relationship and provide workmanship in all it does.

People call on Stroma because when we come at there plant for SCADA work or PLC programming and while there we can also look at other aspects of Electrical issues. That it be changing out an electrical outlet, fixing Lighting, changing a pump, or check Breakers that fails. The client can always count on us not just for Automation but for all Electrical needs. We are a one-point company to integrate, program, supply, install, wire, do maintenance, service electrical equipment, provide support or do upgrades

Stroma’s customer centric approach has proven to deliver solutions faster within budget while eliminating scope discrepancies and providing high customer satisfaction. After any project, the support is a key corner stone to Stroma Automation Solutions’ ongoing success. As part of our service approach, first we assess and try to resolve the issues via phone with the operator and in some cases, this works. The second approach is, to determine whether using remote access could have fix this issue and if none is available; if not, we may be able in temporarily address it (workaround) in order to give time to drive to site. We do believe it is in the client’s best interest to reduce the cost of a call or calls by fixing the issue remotely. Where practical, this will be our preferred approach; however, sometimes the need arises that we can only temporarily fix an issue. We will however, if it is after hours or on weekends, postpone fixing an issue for another day or after the weekend if that is possible and practical, to minimize costs to our respective Clients. This of course, always left at the discretion of the Supervisor/Operator on site; in some cases, this will not be practical or acceptable due to cities guidelines or urgency.

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